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Our History
Wuxi Jubang Auxiliary Co.,Ltd.( Jubang) was founded in 2001. After more than 15-year development,our company has grown into an integrated industry group,Our company specializes in the manufacturing and export of PVC auxiliaries agents and procurement service of plastic raw materials like Pvc processing aid锛孋PE135A,PVC Stabilizer,PE WAX,Stearic acid,Titanuim dioxide, Pvc Foam regulator,pvc resin ,etc.
Our Factory
In response to the national environmental protection industry development policy, Jubang additives incorporate the shares with Anhui Huili Chemical Co., Ltd. and Maanshan Changjiusheng New Technology Co., Ltd., and established production bases in both places, focusing on chlorinated polyethylene (CPE)In the production field of 锛圕PE 135锛夈€丄CR-401銆丄CR-530銆丮BS and other products, the scale of the factory has expanded to a total area of 450000 square meters, with an annual output of 60000 tons. Meanwhile, the company has successfully transformed into a Share-holding industrial trade company integrating production, research and development and sales.
Our Product
CPE-135A , PE WAX , ACR , PVC Processing Aid , Titanuim Dioxide , Paraffin Wax , Calcium Stearate , Stearic Acid , Pigment锛孉C foaming agent/NC foaming agent , PVC Stabilizer
Product Application
Pvc pipes, pvc profiles,pvc plates,pvc windows and doors,pvc marble,pvc wire and cable,etc.
Our Certificate
SGS , ISO9001:2008 , Member Enterprise of Plastic Additives Professional Committee of China Plastics Processing Association
Production Equipment
Reacyion still,neutralization pot,drying tower, centrifugal machine.etc.
Production Market
Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Congo, Mozambique, Algeria, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Oman, Zimbabwe, Fiji, Indonesia, Kuwait (Mainly in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, And Africa), Sales of 40 million in 2019 and 60 million in 2020.
Our Service
1. Free consultation
2. Personalized customer service
3. Provide samples and formulas
4. Many-to-one and all-round service team
5. Provide factory inspection and installation supervision services
6. Provide reliable third-party testing if necessary
7. Review the product usage regularly
8. Provide on-site service when necessarycheap PVC Fitting Impact Modifier Cpe135A

Product Specification
Product name: Monument/Tombstone/Gravestone/headstone
Finishing:Polished/ Honed/ Flamed/ Brushed/ Sandblasted/ Natural Split/ Chiselled/ Inlay Craft/ Embossment Craft/ Engraving etc.
Available Style: Colorful Pattern/ Sculpture Tombstone Design/ Upright Headstone/ Flat Marker/ Slant/ Funeral Plate Style/ Cross Style/ Books/ Angle Headstone/ Statue/ Tree Headstone etc. We can accept custom design.
Available Sizes : Standard Size or Customized Size

Colonial Pink Granite is a beautiful pink granite mined in Canada and widely used as monuments and markings in cemeteries. The most common green granite in cemeteries is Tunis Green, mined in Brazil, Emerald Pearl, Quarries in Norway, Tropic Green in India and Emerald Pearl, quarries from Norway.This gives you a good impression and also expresses the trust your supplier has in his granite craft. The greater consistency of high-quality blue pearl granite headstone also means that it will look better today and in the decades to come. Higher grades will withstand the elements and be more resistant to corrosion, wear and weather conditions. If there are defects in the granite, the monument will be replaced by another. When you work with funeral companies and memorials, professional memorials offer their expertise and comprehensive capabilities at a price comparable to yours when considering memorial options. A reputable memorial provider will stand by the product they supply and the quality of the products they offer.The upright monument can be shaped and shaped to customer's specifications and is an impressive place to be in any cemetery with larger options. You can choose from 16 different shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find one that suits the style and size of the monument you have chosen.It is important to choose a blue pearl granite headstone when selecting a memorial and it serves as a reminder to those who have lost a loved one to make the selection process more difficult. If you want a permanent stone that resists wear and tear and everything else, you should take care of the quality of the granite. The granite quality, like the color, may not be as obvious, so ask your conservator

Gravestone suppliers

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